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Fudondou myououin omen

1: The opening of this temple is 823 years 1000 years ago from the present.

2: Monk Kuukai had To-ji Temple than the Emperor Saga in the south of the capital.

3: I look from To-ji Temple and choose this place (a Teijinoin was made later) that is an unlucky direction (northeast) and come from it though I worshiped one Acala for the protection of To-ji Temple.

4: Monk Kuukai discovered one holy stone at this place.

5: Monk Kuukai sculptd Acala the stone by oneself and enshrined it in the deep well.

6: The Emperor Uta became an ex-emperor in 899.

7: The Emperor Uta assumed a palace in Nishinotoin of Kyoto, Higashi Nanajo Imperial (alias Teijinoin) an imperial villa then.

8: When the Emperor Uta built Teijinoin, he sealed it in the well where Acala was laid in state.

9: And he named the Acala of a holy stone and believed.

10: Teijinoin was destroyed by fire by the flames of war of Onin in the Muromachi era.

11: However, the image of Acala made by a stone enshrined in the well was left without burning.

12: The main hall of a Buddhist temple is rebuilt in 1764 by many people and reaches it at the present.

13: Because it is enshrined in the well now, the image of the Acala who is the principal idol of this temple will worship an image of the wooden Acala.

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